Our Story

Our Story

Murray Pediatrics has had the privilege of serving patients in the Salt Lake Valley for nearly fifty years. Although much has changed in that time, our commitment to offering the very best in medical care while forging strong personal relationships with patients and their families has remained constant.

Established in 1971, Murray Pediatrics is a small, independent pediatric practice dedicated to offering the highest quality of medical care available. We strive to do so in a setting that is comfortable for both the patients and their family.

By emphasizing quality over quantity, we are able to spend more time with each patient, getting to really know the children and their families and take the time to ensure that all concerns and needs are thoroughly met.

That time and continuity allows for patients to become more comfortable with us and we in turn, gain a better understanding and knowledge of our patients and their families. By maintaining that relationship, we are often able to anticipate and recognize medical and behavioral issues far earlier than would otherwise be identified. Equally important, it also allows us to practice medicine in a way that is mindful of individual circumstance and beliefs while still adhering to the highest quality of medical care.

We provide a relaxed atmosphere and find that children are much more at ease having staff and a physician who they have grown comfortable with and has earned their trust over years of service. Perhaps that is part of the reason why some families have been with us for three generations.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you and your family and look forward to having you in ours.

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